Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quick & Easy Cupcakes To-Go

It always seems like a good idea offering to bring cupcakes to events, and usually when I sign up I have a million ideas how I want to decorate, flavor, etc. But then reality sets in and its 9pm the night before and I have completley forgotten! So here is my "short cut" cupcake plan for last minute treats that look pretty darn cute.
You will need:
1 box cupcake mix (such as Betty Crocker)
1 tub frosting (such as Betty Crocker)
Cupcake mix ingredients: vegtable oil & eggs
1 bottle of sprinkles

Make the cupcakes according to box direcions, cool - then frost and decorate in alternating designs. When you plate them altogether they look great and no one will know it took less than an hour :)
*Added bonus: 2 dozen cupcakes for about $5

  • To get the all over sprinkled look: Pour sprinkles in a low bowl or on a plate. Frost lightly and holding the bottom of the cupcake place frosting side down onto sprinkles and lightly roll till entire cupcake top is covered.

  • To get the rimmed sprinkle look: Pour sprinkles into a low bowl or on a plate. Frost cupcake and holding cupcake from the bottom set side of cupcake onto sprinkles and roll only the edge till a "rimmed" look is achieved.

  • To get the center polka dot look: Frost cupcake, and with fingers pick up a small stack of sprinkles and place in center.

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